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Estate Planning

How Can I Make My Executor's Life Miserable?


What's Holding You Back From Completing Your Estate Plan?


Who Should Be My Trustee?


A Pre-Nup Is Estate Planning?


How Do I Handle the Money In My Estate?


My Blended Family Needs an Estate Plan!


What If My Beneficiary Is a Minor?


How Can I Make This Easier for my Executor?


How Do I Disinherit Someone?


Should I Update My Estate Plan?


What's The Password, Dude?


All I Want for Christmas is an Estate Plan!

Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?


How Much Will My Estate Be Taxed?


Updating Your Estate Plan


Why Does My Separated Spouse Get Half of My Estate?


Does My College Kid Need an Estate Plan?


Dying Is No Fun: So Let's Get Our Act Together


Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?


Putting Your Children On the House Title is a Bad Idea

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