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I have turned to Mr. Tyra time and time and again

My experience with The Tyra Law Firm, LLC was much easier than I thought it would be. I used their services on three separate occasions- the first time was while I was going through my divorce, the second time I asked for help with a personal injury case and received a wonderful referral to a lawyer who would specialize on my case, and the third time I turned to The Tyra Law Firm, LLC it was to have Mr. Tyra help me set up a “Special Needs Trust.”

I have turned to Mr. Tyra time and time and again because I feel as though he will tell me honestly what each legal matter will entail and even refer me to other lawyers if he feels the situation warrants it. Additionally, I feel as though I can ask questions when I've had them and that Mr. Tyra is an approachable lawyer, whereas some of the other lawyers I've meet do not appreciate the complexities that different legal cases may dig up, and are not as patient with their clients while explaining various legal situations. The law is complicated no matter what type of legal situation you may find yourself in, and Mr. Tyra is a lawyer that you know will explain the various legal situations you may face and look out for his clients.

– Sarah M.

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