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Doctors Told Me There Was Nothing They Could Do for My Mom

The Drs. told me there was nothing they could do and that Mother had 3 to 6 months to live. Mother said, “I think we better get an attorney”. I was fortunate enough to have Neil Tyra's name. Mom had old will and trust that had not been reviewed in 7 years. There were plenty of addendums and codicils to work through. I arranged the documents chronologically with lots of post-it notes and overnighted the package to Neil. Within a few days, Neil reviewed and organized Mother's estate plans and documents so they made sense. Mother died within the week. Her passing was fast and heartbreaking. But the hardship was considerably lessened by coherent documents as well as Neil's counsel through the process. With Neil's assistance, we were able to respect my mother's wishes and proceed with the estate work. Losing Mom was hard enough. Not taking care of these matters will only make this harder on your families. Please take care of these matters before you are sick. I simply cannot imagine getting through that time without Neil Tyra's legal assistance. M. Burrington

– Maria B.

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