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How a DIY Estate Plan is Like the Guitar I Built

Posted by Neil Tyra | Sep 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

So what does that have to do with estate planning you ask. Let me step back a little bit to put it into perspective.

I started learning to play guitar about ten years ago. I work hard at it and I would say I am a decidedly mediocre player. But I am always striving to learn and experience new things and playing guitar gives me that and a whole lot more.

Again, what does that have to do with estate planning? Hang on, I am getting there.

Building an acoustic guitar from scratch or even starting with a kit is a huge undertaking. And for some, creating a solid estate plan can be just as big an undertaking. Admittedly, a proper functioning and well thought out estate plan is more critical than a playable, in-tune guitar. But I think you get the analogy. (Told you I would connect the dots…)

So what was the estate planning lesson that I learned while building my guitar? Well, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of YouTube videos available online regarding how to build an acoustic guitar. And there are plenty of books, kits, and other resources available. But you know what? If I had tried to do it myself it would have taken forever to complete and I am fairly confident that I would have screwed it up, maybe multiple times, and ended up with a wall hanging instead of a playable instrument. Had it not been for my excellent coach, Scott Dixon of US GuitarKits, I would have ended up with something that looked like my 7th-grade woodshop project (which my mother kept and used for 50+ years, and now I have).

The same is true with creating an estate plan. There are hundreds of videos, podcasts, books, kits, and do-it-yourself resources that purport to allow you to create your own estate plan for a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney to assist you. But almost assuredly you will make some mistake that might very well be disastrous for your intended plan. And the consequences of screwing up your estate plan are much more far-reaching than ending up with a wall decoration.

So get professional help. Doesn't have to be our firm, although I am hopeful that it will be. But there are lots of competent great estate planning attorneys to choose from to assist you. And in the long run, it is not that expensive. What would you rather have? A moderately-priced effective estate plan that gives you peace of mind? Or a cheap wall-hanging decoration that's just going to get thrown away with all your other junk?

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Noel's Husband, Bernadette's Dad, Clark's Father – My Three Best Roles So who am I and what am I about? First I was Noel's husband. I'm married (38 years and counting) to a long time resident of Rockville whose family goes back three generations.


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