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Estate Planning in Your Pajamas!

Posted by Neil Tyra | Oct 25, 2018 | 0 Comments

Estate planning? Who has time for that? You have a job, you go to school, you've got kids, there's soccer practice and dance classes, you work with the church, the dog needs walking, and oh yeah, you might want a little bit of a social life. So with all that going on who really does have time to think about the future and plan for their loved ones?

In working with a lot of clients who are younger, who just bought their first house, had their first child, or are beginning to rise up the ladder of success at work, the feedback that I got for why they weren't doing estate planning was that they didn't have time to sit down and do it. So I decided to retool my practice, really modify my practice, such that people could do their estate planning on their own time and their own pace without having to take time off from work or find a babysitter to come to my office.

We have automated and streamlined the process so you can complete your entire estate plan using the common and standard technology of the day. We use email, cloud communications, Skype or FaceTime video conferencing, text messaging, and good old regular phone calls to exchange information and documents to generate your customized set of estate planning documents.

And when we are done, we send you the documents with detailed instructions on how to get them executed and what to do with the signed copies. You never have to leave your home or office. Heck, you can do the whole thing in your pajamas if you want.

We make it easy for you to get this important step completed and to put your mind at rest knowing your family is taken care of. Contact us at The Tyra Law Firm, LLC (301)315-0811 so we can help you too – the easy way!

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