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25 Reasons You Need to Make a Will


Are you not sure whether or not you need to do any estate planning? Do you think that estate planning is only for those who are rich? Here is a checklist of the top 25 reasons to do an estate plan. Check all that apply to you and your family. At the end of this list, find out if you, in fact, need to get your estate plan done.

1. ❏ You just got married

2. ❏ You just got divorced

3. ❏ You just had a child

4. ❏ You just lost a spouse

5. ❏ You just bought a house

6. ❏ You own property in multiple states

7. ❏ You want to control where your money goes

8. ❏ You want to decide who will take care of your children

9. ❏ You want to avoid a lengthy probate process

10. ❏ You want to minimize estate taxes

11. ❏ You want to control who will manage your estate after you are gone

12. ❏ You want to cut someone out who would otherwise inherit from you

13. ❏ You want some of your money to go to a charity

14. ❏ You want to control where your business ends up

15. ❏ You want to ensure people you don't like won't get anything from you

16. ❏ You want to save your beneficiaries from unnecessary costs

17. ❏ You haven't already got a Will

18. ❏ You haven't updated your Will

19. ❏ You want to avoid your family fighting over things after your gone

20. ❏ You don't want your kids to inherit a bunch of money before they can handle it

21. ❏ You have a beneficiary who has special needs

22. ❏ You want your money to go to your family and not to the government

23. ❏ You want to control your funeral arrangements

24. ❏ You want your partner to inherit from you and you're not married

25. ❏ You want to avoid court supervision

Here is how to determine if you need to create or update your estate plan.

If you answered ANY of the above questions YES, then you need to seriously consider creating or updating your Will and related estate planning documents. Any of these reasons are sufficiently important enough to require an up-to-date estate plan.

If you answered FIVE OR MORE of the above questions YES, then it is even more critical that you seek out the services of an estate planning attorney. These additional reasons for doing an estate plan create a level of complexity that an estate planning attorney is most qualified to address.

If you answered TEN OR MORE of the above questions YES, then it is absolutely true that you are putting your financial assets, and the well-being of your family, at risk by not having a comprehensive estate plan prepared by a qualified attorney.

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